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Wisdom teeth, the scientific name third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, dental matters stand, is closest to the mouth throat teeth. If all grow out of a total of four, two on each jaw, usually around 18 years old before growing out of childhood primary teeth and childhood than replacement of permanent teeth grow, wisdom teeth are usually in the human mind has become grow until maturity, hence the name. Four wisdom teeth are not necessarily full-length, some people’s wisdom teeth may only grow 1-2, and some wisdom teeth are no longer even grow to half of the growth, a condition called impacted wisdom teeth. ¬†Conditions like this are best treated by a dentist. ¬†Incisor teeth from the beginning, by the side of the incisor teeth to count the number of years, if there is an eighth tooth, it is a wisdom tooth.

Wisdom and evolution

Wisdom teeth degradation may be two reasons: First, the human evolved from ape jaw during the smaller size, there is no space left maxillary wisdom; Second, it may relates to oral health, there are a few ancient youth Most of teeth or tooth loss is a very common thing. And this time it will just grow out of wisdom teeth play a role. The modern stomatology developed, everyone has the habit of brushing, teeth unless young accidents usually remain intact, and wisdom becomes superfluous. Since there is no room for growth, while the growth of wisdom teeth often have pain, and abnormal position and orientation of the eruption will occur, most people do not have wisdom teeth chewing function, no teeth. That is, the general wisdom is superfluous, is considered a trace organs.

Diseases caused wisdom

Because of the special position of the wisdom teeth grow, to bring its clean and treat many problems, often caused by the disease dental caries, periodontitis, pulpitis. Since the innermost wisdom teeth, daily brushing is not easy to clean, prone to tooth decay, and the wisdom teeth pain often occurs due to insufficient space germination, but also violations of adjacent teeth, causing toothache. In addition, because no teeth, wisdom teeth sometimes over-germination, thereby affecting the bite; There will germinate when insufficient become impacted tooth, causing dentition, Guanzhou space infection, difficulty in opening mouth. Wisdom teeth are the third molars, have an important impact on the adjacent second molar. Since most impacted wisdom teeth are leaning forward, and about a 45 degree angle on top of the second molar, thus forming a crown angle, easy food impaction, a long time leads to the second molar caries, even pulpitis, even not so serious also affect the life of the second molar.

Removal of wisdom teeth

Because these wisdom teeth can cause disease, most professionals avoid troubles for consideration, the proposed removal of wisdom teeth. Location of wisdom teeth growing branch of the trigeminal nerve is one of, if not handled properly, may affect sensation in the mouth and even vision. The jaw bone of adult wisdom teeth roots have been finalized, so there is a certain wisdom tooth extraction surgery risk. For diabetes, heart disease and other patients, easy to cause complications in plucking, for these people to be cautious wisdom tooth extraction surgery.

Since there are three to four wisdom teeth root, location not conducive to the growth of the operation, so removal of wisdom teeth generally choose crack crowns, remove the split method. Due to the use of anesthetic will not feel pain during the procedure, but people want to psychologically adapt this process, it was because of fear rather than with treatment. For some less exposed wisdom tooth crown may be cut when disconnecting gum removal, wound healing will bring some pain.

In addition, the general wisdom teeth pulled out maxillary mandibular wisdom teeth do not cause elongation up side removal of wisdom teeth will not shift to the opposite side so that all the teeth, because after wisdom tooth extraction, does not produce thrust in the opposite direction, and thus will not generate shifted to the opposite side.

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